Series: An In-Depth Look At The Protection of the Enforcer Riot Suit

Police see simple cases of neighborly disputes and a variety of other non-serious issues. However, they’re also placed in high-stress, dangerous situations like riots as well. They never quite know what to expect from day to day. While this is part of the job, it’s important to plan ahead and have the right gear for the position. Haven Gear sells the Enforcer Riot Suit, which has certain features, especially for riots.

Let’s get an in-depth look at the benefits and protection.

Protection from Blunt Force and Stabbings

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During a riot or intense situation, people aren’t thinking. They’re running on pure emotions, possibly leading to them resisting arrest or refusing to calm down. Even worse, they might even fight back and use a sharp or heavy object to harm you. Ideally, you need protection in the event someone retaliates against you. The Enforcer offers the protection you need.

The suit has molded polypropylene panels strategically placed to protect your limbs and vital organs. They’re strong enough to hold up to blunt force or a stabbing.


Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, abbreviated MOLLE, describes areas on the suit that allows you to carry crowd control equipment, as well as, tactical tools you could need in the event of an intense situation. This particular piece of equipment comes standard with the full coverage and even has hydration, so you can stay hydrated when working for prolonged periods or in high-intensity situations.

Comfort With The Enforcer Suit

Besides the hydration, the Enforcer also comes standard with a cooling system. The cooling system uses frozen cooling packs that you insert into the interior of the suit to keep you cool. On the inside of the suit, there are hooks and loops where you attach the cooling packs. They last for up to four hours, whether you’re in the hot sun or moving around to keep a situation under control.

The cooling packs are simple to unhook, refreeze, and reattach. To refreeze, you merely take the cooling pack and place it in the freezer. In a few hours, the pack is ready again.

Fire Resistance Suit

Fires have been known to break out during a riot. They put everyone at risk who is in the area, including innocent bystanders and the police on the scene. Fortunately, when you have the Enforcer on, you have protection, so you won’t sustain a serious burn. Specifically, to keep you safe in the event of a fire, the suit has molded polypropylene panels and nylon.

Lightweight Material

Part of responding to a riot consists of moving swiftly. You must get from one place to another quickly to address whatever unexpected situation arises. You need clothing that accommodates your movement. Fortunately, the Enforcer Suit is lightweight. The design is intended to move with you rather than against you. It won’t restrict your arms or your legs. As a result, you can react quickly to any situation, even if that situation is to save yourself or another person.

Body Cam Space

A body cam is used by many departments, so officers can be heavily monitored. It protects the officers from being wrongfully accused of unlawful behavior or using excessive force while protecting suspects. The makers of this suit took the growing use of body cams into consideration when making it. Therefore, you’ll notice that it has space for a body cam in it.

Multi-Use Ballistics Carrier

The riot suit comes with ballistic carriers to ensure you have all the necessary equipment you require when entering a rowdy crowd.

Multiple Sizes

Officers come in all different sizes and shapes. Not every suit fits every person comfortably. However, with this particular suit, you can find a range of sizes from small to 3XL to accommodate a variety of people.


In terms of fit, the Enforcer suit was designed to fit snugly on your body to ensure you can move with ease, and it protects the correct parts of your body.

ID System

The suit has multiple locations where you can display your badges. The system allows you to display your badges from multiple angles to make you easily identifiable.

The Enforcer suit has everything you need in the event of a riot. You’ll even find that it has comfort measures to help you remain hydrated and possibly calmer during a serious situation.

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