Riot Gear

How to Choose Riot Gear

At Haven Gear, we are innovators in the riot gear industry. Our equipment is designed to keep officers safe in dangerous environments and protect them in often unpredictable situations. Our safety gear is fully customizable and designed to be suitable for an assortment of uses and law enforcement agencies. With our help, you can keep your officers and agents safe and protected in the most dangerous of situations. When buying riot gear it is important to know what type of gear to buy for your agency. The following tips will help you select riot and safety gear for your team.

Picking Riot and Safety Equipment

Large gatherings, protests, and any other events that draw a large crowd can be stressful even for an experienced officer. While not every situation results in violence or the need for crowd control some do and when a situation is tense or the crowd is unruly things can become heated. The need for safety and control of the situation becomes necessary as these occurrences can quickly become dangerous for both officers and civilians alike. Technological advancements in riot gear have made equipment more effective and easier to use. However, there are still some things to keep in mind when buying riot gear.

A Proper Fit

A key part of picking the right riot gear is ensuring a good fit. While law enforcement agencies do their best to properly equip agents, ill-fitted equipment can still be an issue without careful planning. When an agency does not consider sizing, it can lack the proper equipment to fit various body types. Having a proper fit ensures your agents are properly protected and also comfortable. Ill-fitting riot gear will not protect your agents properly as it will not fit correctly on the body to protect vital parts. The comfort that proper fitting equipment adds should not be overlooked as a lack of comfort caused by gear not fitting correctly is why some officers or agents may not wear it.

The Value of Comfort and Mobility

Another consideration when picking riot gear is proper mobility and comfort. When having to deal with the dangers a large crowd can cause your agents need to be mobile and comfortable enough to move around the scene effectively. In addition to a good fit and the overall weight, also consider additional features such as modular designs and straps on the suit to help carry tools. Also, keep your overall goals and the typical encounters your agents have to manage regularly.

When You Need High-Quality Riot Gear

At Haven Gear, we develop riot gear for law enforcement designed to handle challenging situations. Our equipment is modern and designed to help officers and agents do their duty and stay safe while also protecting the public. Our modern designs can help keep you and your officers safe in the 21st century. Contact us today to learn more about our products.