From the Front Lines: The Story of Haven Gear and the Necessity of Next-Gen Riot Gear

From the Front Lines: The Story of Haven Gear and the Necessity of Next-Gen Riot Gear

If it sounds crazy that riot gear hasn’t been redesigned in forty years, it should. When founders of Haven Gear realized that the men and women protecting our communities were wearing suits designed for their grandfathers, they knew something had to be done. Officers today are not facing the same threats and they should not be wearing the same gear. We came together and designed a riot suit that would address the needs of the modern officer and provide not only safety but assurance that they will return home safely from crowd control and dangerous situations.

Why Next-Gen Riot Gear is Crucial for Officers

We believe that mobility should be more than an added bonus when it comes to bodily protection. That’s why it is a core feature of every Haven Gear riot suit. When your team is called to a crowd control situation where they are surrounded by violent individuals, you should have peace of mind that the suit they’re wearing will protect them while they defuse the threat level. Our suits fit snugly around the chest, arm and leg plates are secured to the arms and legs separately to allow for total mobility and dexterity. In a Haven Gear riot suit the mobility of the officer is not limited, nor are they in danger of becoming overheated or dehydrated. Somebody needed to address every need of a rapid response team member. We answered the call and engineered next-gen riot suits that ensure officers come home to their family every night.

How Haven Gear is Changing the Way Law Enforcement Professionals Approach Riot Gear

We worked in concert with law enforcement, corrections officers, and military personnel to determine which components were the most important and redefined the way riot suits should be made. This evolution in riot gear started with providing the lifesaving components of a “turtle shell” suit, but without the unnecessary bulk. This helped immediately reduce weight and alleviated mobility issues. It’s critical that officers are able to regain their footing if they are knocked down. Plus, each of the suits is customizable for your department. Some riot suits include integrated ballistic carriers for ballistic plates and panels. Further, we also include optional cooling and hydration systems so officers are able to maintain a higher level of comfort and health even when in the harshest of conditions.

We understand that behind every badge is a person with a family they want to go home to. The single prevailing theme behind Haven Gear is protecting officers with next-gen riot gear so they can get home safely, regardless of the precarious positions that they find themselves in. The revolutionary Haven Gear riot suits, gloves, backpacks and carry bags, helmets, batons, and other accessories are all designed to allow law enforcement professionals to restore the peace in even the most quick-response or dangerous situations. Learn more about our company and fill out our submission form for more information on how to procure Haven Gear riot suits for your team. Every riot suit and piece of riot gear that we offer is built with the highest quality materials and are designed to provide the best possible protection from dangerous crowd control situations.