Importance of Police Officers Having the Right Gear In Riots

Riot gear has not changed since the 1970s. This leaves police officers ill-equipped to deal with riots, which, unfortunately, is a problem that is becoming more and more prevalent in the country right now. Having the right riot gear for officers is essential for a number of different reasons. Read along to learn more about the importance of police officers having the best riot gear and how HavenGear is working to provide them with the best riot gear available.

Having the Right Gear Protects Officers’ Bodies

One of the reasons why it is so important for police officers to have the right riot gear is because it helps to protect them more efficiently. There are many dangers to police officers who are in the midst of a riot. Individuals may be throwing unknown objects, fires may get set, and some people may have weapons. The best riot gear offers the most protection against all of these items, helping an officer to make it back home safely after they have helped restore peace following a riot. In addition to protecting their body, the right gear helps officers to move. Older styles of riot gear offered protection, but it was hard for officers to move in. Newer gear changes that, offering protection and flexibility for police officers.

Having the Right Gear Helps to Keep Officers Comfortable

One of the most overlooked reasons why having the right gear is important to police officers is for their own comfort. Riots are not always fast. They can last hours before everything is peaceful and under control again. During that time, police officers are standing outside, being exposed to a number of different weather elements. They need riot gear that keeps them warm on a cold day, gear that breathes and keeps them cool on a hot day, and gear that can breathe and wick water in case it is raining. The right gear keeps officers comfortable, which is important to their health, but also helps them to withstand the length of a riot.

Having the Right Gear Ensures Police Can Do Their Job Effectively

Finally, having the right riot gear is so important because it allows police officers to restore peace. Police officers are tasked with breaking up riots. If their equipment does not allow them to do their job, peace will not be restored effectively. Riot gear includes far more than what the officers wear. It also includes items such as shields and batons. The right gear ultimately ensures that police agencies have the gear they need to control crowds and break up riots.

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