The Enforcer MP | The Only Riot Suit You’ll Ever Need

The Enforcer MP | The Only Riot Suit You’ll Ever Need

After a police officer’s sidearm, body armor has proven to be the most essential self-defense equipment. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of military and civilian law enforcement officers are still on the job today thanks to some type of body protection.

That being said, bad guys have increasingly enhanced their firepower when engaging peace officers. It wasn’t long ago that street gangs packing AR-15s were rare. And, criminals are far more prone to fire on police than ever before. Boots-on-the-ground law enforcement officials require the most advanced body armor on the market to complete their shift and go home to their loved ones. The Enforcer MP from Haven Gear is the only riot suit your department will ever need.

Top-Tier Construction

Like any product, it’s essential that you select high-quality and durable body armor. When a critical situation occurs, the last thing any officer needs to be uncertain their protective gear will hold up.

Haven Gear’s Enforcer MP was designed for military police. Utilizing next-generation technology, its polycarbonate, nylon, and hook and loop closures provide the advanced construction needed in the field. And, it delivers lightweight mobility for heightened situations. Keep in mind, the Enforcer MP was designed with officers serving in forward military positions. It will serve you in a civilian setting as well.

Full Body Protection

The Enforcer MP provides multiple options that can make certain an officer completes their next shift.

What the Enforcer MP does differently than many others is to allow the user to select the level of protection that makes sense. The Enforcer MP is equipped with integrated, multi-function ballistics compartments. These compartments are built into the inside of the chest plate of the riot suit and enable officers to place the ballistic plates of their choice into the suit. This integration makes the suit extremely versatile. It can be worn without ballistics on routine patrols and provide protection from stabs and blunt force. When an officer is called into a crowd control or otherwise dangerous situation, that same suit can be easily outfitted with ballistic protection and ensure officers come home safely. Further, the Enforcer MP’s design and polycarbonate panels are fire resistant to withstand the threat of flammable projectiles and fully integrated with cooling and hydration systems to keep officers safe AND comfortable.

The Enforcer MP

It provides a base level of protection and enables officers to “level up” whenever necessary.

*Haven Gear can equip your department with hard, soft, and butterfly ballistics plates separately from your riot suits. Call today to learn more about purchasing ballistic protection.

A Suit for Every Officer

One-size-fits-all riot suits are ineffective dinosaurs in this day and age. The Enforcer MP has sizes that will fit every officer in your department or quick-response team, ranging from XS to XXXL. Each suit can be adjusted to fit unique body types and allow officers to free mobility while on the job. The Enforcer MP can also be accessorized for improved comfort and tactical agility. After wearing a Haven Gear riot suit it will be hard to imagine working in a suit that doesn’t provide a snug, comfortable fit.

Unparalleled Mobility

It’s vital that people working in law enforcement don protective gear at all times. But you don’t necessarily need to work a shift in full riot gear. That’s why the Enforcer MP allows you to insert ballistic panels/plates as needed. Think about this in a practical platform.

Officers will typically only need to add ballistic plates or panels to their suit in crowd control situations, however corrections officers can be called at a moment’s notice to extract a dangerous prisoner or detainee from their cell. In this scenario, an officer would be able to insert panels to further protect from stab wounds in a matter of seconds, don his suit in a matter of minutes, and perform his duties safely and efficiently.

What You Need Where You Need It

The Enforcer’s MOLLE system also provides multiple gear-carrying options. When protests or violent riots break out, officers are often on the ground for their entire shift and overtime. The Enforcer’s MOLLE system is deftly designed to disburse the load in a balanced fashion. The point is that the Enforcer MP allows officers to enhance protection in potentially dangerous encounters but also carry necessary items such as pouches for equipment, zip-ties, and other accessories a quick-response or corrections officer may require in the line of duty. You’re always protected but can make judgment calls about enhanced protection and equipment needed for any situation.

The Enforcer MP

Cooling and Hydration Systems for Comfort and Safety

The Enforcer MP also comes equipped with integrated cooling and hydration systems to keep officers as comfortable as possible during long, grueling shifts in hazardous situations. Cooling packs can be easily added into integrated compartments and keep officers cool for up to four hours. Switching the cooling packs out is just as simple.

The hydration system isn’t a new technology, but certainly one a feature that has been overlooked in the design of law enforcement gear across the board. The 1-liter water bladder affixes to the back of the Enforcer MP and a durable hose enables the officer to effortlessly hydrate no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

The Enforcer MP is the only suit you’ll ever need for every crowd-control situation. Just suit up, protect, and serve.