Details of the security kit of a riot police officer (including handcuffs, 9mm handgun, radio station and baton) sitting amongst civilians

What Type of Riot Gear Is Used By Law Enforcement?

Law enforcement tactics have changed significantly in the last decade. To reduce the risk of injuries and better control crowds, officers have adapted more effective strategies to counter threats. Riot suits and gear play a critical role in keeping the public safe from disruptive individuals. Every officer should be equipped to handle unexpected events that could pose serious danger in correctional facilities, as well as out on the street.

Training with these types of riot suits and gear has also changed drastically since when they were first introduced in the 20th century. Mobility is a huge factor in the day-to-day operations of law enforcement across the globe. With the need for hydration, advanced technology, and mobility in and out of a squad car, law enforcement saw the need to adapt to next-generation riot suits that kept them, and the public safe at all times. 

Riot Suits

Riot suits are specifically designed to cover and protect the torso. Made from flexible materials that firmly fit each officer, riot suits can provide protection from a wide number of threats. State-of-the-art riot suits are fire resistant, stab resistant, and can resist blunt force trauma, allowing officers to safely bypass crowds to better defuse dangerous situations. These suits can also be integrated with body cameras to record incidents that could assist in future legal proceedings.

Riot Helmet

Riot helmets are designed to meet various levels of threats, from bricks, to rocks and bottles. With top, side, and back of the head coverage, officers can remain safe from harm on all sides. Transparent face shields do not block visibility, instead they create a barrier between an officer’s face and potential objects that may be dropped or thrown in the vicinity.

Riot Baton

A riot baton can be an invaluable weapon when dealing with tough crowd control situations. These versatile weapons are often constructed of strong polycarbonate or wood and are available in a variety of sizes. A lanyard allows officers to maintain control of the weapon. Batons can be used as an impact tool to jab, strike, block, or aid in arm locks. They are also useful for breaking safety glass, windows, or for gaining entry into structures or vehicles.

Riot Shield

Riot shields offer officers lightweight protection and a physical barrier that protect against a wide range of dangers. These shields are typically round or rectangular in shape and feature a flat or bowed face. There is typically a strapping system that connects the shield to the arm. In addition to using a riot shield to block, this tool can be used to push a person back, restrict movement, or used as a bridge from one weapon to another.

Riot Gloves

Riot gloves help protect the hands from blows and debris. These riot gloves are made of breathable materials with adjustable Velcro wrists and reinforced palms. When on the front lines of any type of disturbance, having riot gloves is essential. There are several different types of gloves based on the needs of the officers, ranging from padded Kevlar to hard knuckle gloves to a plain leather glove.

Protecting Law Enforcement

Riot suits and gear may also encompass other important equipment and accessories, such as gas masks, utility bags, hydration packs, grenadier bags, medical kits, backpacks, and deployment bags. Each piece of protection equipment and gear work together to help keep officers safe during dangerous incidents. It’s crucial that they have these tools easily accessible to perform their duties in an efficient and effective manner. More importantly, it’s vital for law enforcement to be trained on how to properly use riot gear to keep the public, and themselves safe.

When disturbances like riots occur, having the right training and tactical knowledge to handle these events can make a difference in saving lives. For ultimate protection for your officers, count on Haven Gear. We offer essential full-body riot suits, gear, and accessories to keep law enforcement officers protected during riots and other intense tactical situations. Contact us today to learn more about our next gen riot gear.