Special police unit at the stadium event secure a safe match

Why Full Body Protection Is Needed for Crowd Control

Imagine being at a crowded outdoor music festival. The energy is high, the weather is nice and sunny, and the crowd is eagerly awaiting the headlining artist. She was supposed to make an appearance 15 minutes ago, but being a little behind is normal. 15 more minutes roll by, then 30, and then an hour and a half. The crowd grows restless as the host takes the stage to inform disgruntled guests that the headliner will not be performing. What started as a fun experience for crowd control officers just became chaotic. For this reason, and many others, it’s vital for these crowd control to have the protection they need in order to protect those around them. 

Misconceptions About Crowd Control

Current events and media coverage may have created a misconception around the true purpose of crowd control. Crowd control is not a means of creating division among police and the general public. It’s an extra layer of protection to ensure events run smoothly and people have fun, without any fuss. Crowd control prevents entry with weapons by detecting and confiscating them, prevent drug entry and use at public events, remove drunk or disorderly citizens from events and prevent and control potential riots. 

The practice of crowd control started in the 1920s when lines of officers would arrange at gatherings prepared to push back the crowd. They would arm themselves with batons and axe handles. As decades passed by, they would equip themselves with better protection, such as shields, tear gas and eventually other nonlethal weapons. 

Potential Dangers at Events Requiring Crowd Control 

The expectation is that crowd control is successful and events will go on without a glitch. However, officers must always prepare for the unexpected. Potential incidents could occur at festivals, parades, concerts or organized protests. The least that could happen is that disgruntled guests may be asked to leave or thrown out unwillingly. More serious events may involve fighting, shooting, riots, stampedes, or even bombings. 

Crowd control officers have to maintain their own safety and wellness in order to complete their missions to the best of their ability. That means protecting themselves from weapons, being struck while breaking up fights, bodily injuries, inhalation of harmful toxins, and more.

Less Risk to The Body

There has been recent developments of contagious and airborne diseases and resurfacing of old strains of diseases in more aggressive forms. Due to the dangerous and potentially deadly nature of these illnesses, security staff needs to take greater measures to prevent the contraction and spreading of diseases. First responders are also at a greater risk because of the volume of people they encounter on a daily basis. Full body protection in the form of helmets that protect the skin, eye and respiratory area will protect officers who work among the crowd. 

More than Just Crowd Control Gear

Haven Gear is on a mission to armor officers to make crowd control better, and to ensure their safety at all times. Our high quality, full body protection goes beyond just meeting requirements. We aim to protect you from physical contact, of all types.

HavenGear full body protection is ultra-lightweight for flexibility and increased range of motion. With that feature, officers can respond and react quickly to unforeseen circumstances. An integrated hydrating and cooling system further helps prevent overheating and discomfort. The built-in groin protection and stab-resistant material prevent injuries and bodily harm. More officers can stay on their duties and on their feet. Support the safety of your police department today and get in touch with us online today to learn more about our next-gen protective gear.